Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ballet: The Basis of All Dance Forms

Why is it that dance critics always reminds dancers that ballet is the center or basis of all dance forms, and yet it is the only form of dance not showcased on prime time television these days. Shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars showcase jazz, contemporary, all forms of ballroom, crumping, hip-hop, and Broadway. Dancing With The Stars even added to the latest episode of their show, the salsa, hustle, and West Coast Swing. On the Dancing With The Stars the results show there is often a Macy’s Stars of Dance showcase where famous dancers and choreographers from all dance forms come to perform. But interestingly enough, there has not been one ballet piece; there is not one small tribute to the earliest and most important form of dance.
On the last episode of Dancing With The Stars, Bruno, a judge, even mentioned to one of the dancing ballroom kids that he noticed she was taking ballet classes, and that she should keep them up; he explained that he could notice the ballet technique through her clean lines. In addition, the show So You Think You Can Dance always compliments the dancers or contestants with great ballet technique, and how this technique shows. This is shown through contestant Danny Tidwell's (who danced with American Ballet Theater) dancing. Ballet allows dancers to present grace, poise, lines, strength, speed and focus.
I know that the public may not find ballet as entertaining as the other forms of dance, but at least a small tribute should be made. I have attached a music video that includes ballet technique with a contemporary feel. The difficulty is apparent but it also appealing to a general audience. I understand that stars would not be able to have enough time to do ballet correctly. But, it could be showcased in a Macy’s segment or placed as an option for experienced dancers on So You Think You Can Dance. Are the producers and judges on So You Think You Can Dance worried that contestants will not be able to keep up with such a difficult form of dance? Wouldn’t a small segment of ballet show the contestant’s true colors and technique? Why are dancers constantly reminded of ballet’s importance, but it is words instead of action. Don’t say it; show it.

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