Thursday, November 6, 2008

Don't Give Up the Dance

It may seem impossible to balance being a dance major and your academics but I bet you did not know that dancing could in fact make you smarter. If you are thinking about getting some free time in your life, do not give up on dance.  Even though it requires energy and time in your busy school schedule, research shows that your participation in dance can actually help you succeed in school. Not only can dance help your academics, but also it shows commitment and responsibility, which will aid you in the future. 

Critical Evidence: How the ARTS Benefit Student Achievement,” is a study by the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies. This study also reported on the positive connection between arts and improved learning. Additionally, research has shown that what students learn in the arts may help them to master other subjects, such as reading, math or social studies. If it makes you smarter, why would you want to stop dancing? Students who participate in arts learning experiences often improve their achievement in other realms of learning and life. In a well-documented national study using a federal database of over 25,000 middle and high school students, researchers from the University of California at Los Angeles found students with high arts involvement performed better on standardized achievement tests than students with low arts involvement. I know I could of used all the help I could get with the SAT.

Something that really helps me when the stress of school and dance becomes overwhelming, I just remember that everything will be okay and this will help me in the long run.  It will challenge my mind and help me to grow intellectually.  Not only will it keep me fit and in shape but it is a good tool for success in school.  Try your best to keep your commitment to dance even when times get hard and you feel like you have nothing left in you to keep going.  No matter what, don’t give up and remember the skills that you learn in dance and in school–creative thinking, problem solving, and teamwork–will help you throughout your whole life.


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