Thursday, November 6, 2008


Las Vegas Showgirl. For some, these three words might cause judgment and for others it might mean success. The fact is, no one will ever know what it takes to do this job unless they experience for themselves.
While growing up in a small studio I danced with a very talented dancer that danced all over the world throughout her teenage years. Most thought she would just feed right into the companies she had been dancing with every summer since she was ten. When she told everyone that she was moving to Las Vegas to join a show, everyone in the studio was shocked. Why Las Vegas? Why not just dance for a cruise line and travel the world at the same time? The news was definitely a surprise to all, particularly because her training was mostly all ballet with jazz and competitive dance here and there.
She moved to Las Vegas knowing only the girl she was living with and began the audition process. She auditioned for ten different shows and finally agreed to stay on with Jubilee at the Bally’s Hotel Las Vegas. The beginning was very rough for her. She knew that the rehearsals would be long and wearing on her body, but they were like nothing she believed. For the new comers, rehearsals began at eight in the morning and would last until five at night. The dancers would have an hour and a half break for dinner before returning for night rehearsal and would typically stay until everything was completed or satisfactory to the director. She would always explain how this was a shock to her body. She was prepared for being a professional dancer but of course one can’t really know until experienced.
There are three shows a day, every other day, that she has to dance in. An 11:00AM, matinee, and evening show. The dancers once calculated that per show they have to climb up and down over four hundred steps, that is at least twelve hundred steps a day. To say the least, she quickly got in shape from stair climbing as well as the constant dancing.
She continued with the show for four years making a family-like connection with everyone involved with the show. Her constant energy and focus towards her dancing allowed for great improvement in all aspects of her technique. Overall, her experience in Las Vegas was “overwhelmingly amazing” as quoted by her. The friendships, work ethic, and life long skills she has developed through the show have been incredible. She always says now how she couldn’t believe she was actually dancing in Las Vegas. It was not something she would have chosen first, but looking back she doesn’t regret a thing. She would have it no other way. She moved to New York this past summer and has been auditioning for various Broadway musicals as of late.

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